Past Programs

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2017 Programs

January - Kentucky's 2017 General Assembly


2016 Programs

December - Game 50: Why the UofL/UK Rivalry Matters

November - For Whom the Bridge Tolls?

October - Handicapping the 2016 Election: What's at stake for the U.S. and Kentucky?

September - Kentucky Medicaid: Is Surgery Needed?

August - 3rd District Congressional Debate

July - Louisville's SOARING Murder Rate: How did we get here...and how do we stop it?

June - Monumental Debate: Should the Confederate Memorial at U of L Stay or Go?

May - Can Professional Soccer Score in Louisville?

April - Supreme Choice: A legal debate whether the Senate led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should consider President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

March - Getting Up to Speed: A Behind the Scenes Look at Our New Speed

February (Annual Dinner) - Public School Safety: Concerns and Solutions

January - Immigration: Compassion vs. Security


2015 Programs

December - Can an All White or Black Jury Remain Fair and Impartial?

November - Preservation and Economic Development: Can There Be A Balance?

October - Attack of the Drones?

September - Common Core: The Debate Continues

August - 40 Years of Busing: A Performance Review

July - How Money, Money, Money is Changing the Sound of Music in the Digital Age.

June - Is Locally Grown Food a Necessity?

May - Police Body Cameras...Help or Hindrance?

April - 2015 Republican Primary Gubernatorial Debate

March: Heroin Crisis - What's Our Response?

February (Annual Dinner) - In Changing Times, How Do the Arts Remain Relevant?

January - Can Louisville Avoid Being the Next Ferguson?



2014 Programs

December - Taxi vs Uber: How technology is disrupting traditional services.

November - JCPS - How Is It Spending Your Money? Results of the State Audit.

October - Third District Congressional Candidates Debate

September - Border Crisis: Impact on Louisville

August - Control of the Kentucky House; What's at stake?

July - Growing up Transgender.

June - Youth Violence Downtown: What's the Real Story?

May - Future of Coal Energy in KY: Where do we stand?

April - Jobs in the West End: Does Walmart Fit The Vision?

March - Human Trafficking in Kentucky: A reality among us.

February - A Behind the Scenes Look at the Presidential Debates

January - The Status of Tax Reform in Kentucky


2013 Programs

December - Possibility City: Is it Possible Downtown?

November - DOMA: The Future of Gay Rights in Kentucky

October - Discussion on the Metro Council's Removal Hearing

September - Concussion in Sports

August - Senator Rand Paul July - The Impact of Healthcare Reform in Kentucky

June - Is JCPS doing enough to lift "failing" schools?

May - Kentucky's Religious Freedom Act: What Will Be Its Impact?

April - Childhood Obesity: What can we do?

March - Private Colleges and Universities: Where are they headed?

February - Gun Violence, What Should We Do?

January - Making Our Schools Safer


2012 Programs

December - The 21st Century Library: Not your Father's Library

November - Pension Reform in Kentucky

October - Third District Congressional Debate: Brooks Wicker (R) and Congressman John Yarmuth (D)

September - Obama vs. Romney: A Preview of the Presidential Election

August - What's Changing at JCPS?

July - A conversation with Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad

June - Kentucky's Stand Your Ground Law: Good or Bad?

May - Super PACs: Implications on 2012 Elections

April - The Best and The Brightest: Local High School Debate Champions on "Targeted Killing as a Foreign Policy Tool"

March - Cost vs. Savings: The Impact of HB 463 and Early Release of Offenders

February - College Student Athletes: Amateur or Professional?

January - Charter Schools: Could They Make a Difference in Louisville?


2011 Programs

December - Examining the Proposed Hospital Merger: Pro and Con

November - Eli Capilouto, President, University of Kentucky

October - Public Money: Ethics & Transparency

September - Introducing our new JCPS Superintendent

August - Rx for Fighting Meth: Restrictions for Over the Counter Drugs?

July - A Conversation with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer

June - Metro Council Neighborhood Funds: Keep 'em, Ditch 'em, or Change 'em

May - Helping the Arts Survive and Thrive in Today's Economy.

April - Jobs: How Louisville Can Become More Competitive in Creating, Growing and Recruiting New Jobs.

March - Ohio River Bridge Project: What’s Next?

February - Charting the Course: How to Lead, Move and Improve a Large Urban School District

January - Kentucky's Legislative Outlook


2010 Programs

December - Bullying: What is it and what are we doing about it?

November - Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson

October - Third District Congressional Candidates Debate: Todd Lally (R) and John Yarmuth (D)

September - Louisville Metro Mayoral Candidates Debate

August - University of Louisville President Dr. James Ramsey

July - Louisville's Expanding Parks: What do we want them to be?

June - Merger: Eight Years Later - What Works? What Doesn't?

May - The Cost of Progress: Arena Logistics and Economic Development

April - Face to Face: Democratic Candidates for Louisville Mayor

March - Face to Face: Republican Candidates for Louisville Mayor

February - The Future of Journalism

January - Education by the Numbers: What’s JCPS’ Grade?


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